Important information on sun protection films

You can use sun protection film on the inside of single glazing or standard insulated glass (K value 3.0). However, if you want to attach film to overhead glazing / heat protection glazing / solar glass, we recommend sun protection film for exterior use, otherwise the glass may break, although this happens very rarely.


Roof windows and windows filled with gas are only allowed to be fitted with sun protection films for exterior use, otherwise glass may break.

 Important! Never fit only part of a window with sun protection film because the glass may break! It is needed that always the complete window is fitted with the film.

The advantage of interior film is its long service life (10 - 15 years).

The disadvantage is that the gap between the panes in insulated glass will heat up.

The advantage of exterior film is its better ability to reflect the sun’s rays. The disadvantage is its shorter service life (5 -10 years) due to outdoor conditions. 

SUNOX sun protection films can be removed cleanly.


We offer many films in light, medium and dark tints, e.g. light silver, medium silver and dark silver. You should be aware that in the case of darker films, the visual protection is greater than with lighter films. The same applies for the mirror effect: the darker the film, the greater the mirror effect.

You should also know that there are significant differences in the quality of films. Cheap products will give you more aggravation than pleasure, because these are very thin and are thus difficult to fit, resulting in creases and bubbles under the film. These films will last about 1-2 years. SUNOX films, on the other hand, are guaranteed for 10 years (interior films) or 5 years (exterior films)!