Frequently asked questions

1. Questions about order handling / carriage / payment

How is the order processed? When you place your order with us, you will select either payment in advance (transfer in advance into our back account), cash on delivery or Pay Pal. After placing the order, you will automatically receive an e-mail containing all of the details and an invoice number. When making a bank transfer, please state the invoice number.

Where can I find your bank details?The bank details can be found in the e-mail that you will receive after placing your order, directly beneath our sender details. For transfers from other countries, the IBAN and SWIFT code will also be given.

How quickly will I receive the goods?Please be aware that in the case of bank transfers it can take 3 – 4 working days (Mon-Fri) for the money to reach our account. This varies from bank to bank and depends on the time of day of the bank transfer. After the transfer is received, we will dispatch the goods immediately, and we can’t work faster than that. So allow 4-5 working days (Mon – Fri), although generally the goods will arrive before then. Please don’t send us “Where’s my package?” e-mails after 2 days. Thank you for your understanding!Should a product not be in stock and the delivery time is longer, you will hear from us. For deliveries elsewhere in Europe, allow another 1-2 working days delivery time.

Do you also deliver on Saturdays?No, we can’t dispatch or deliver on Saturdays, as we want to keep carriage costs low for you. Deliveries are usually made by GLS.

Will I receive any other e-mails, like “Payment received” or “Goods dispatched”?No. We decided against this because many customers don’t like receiving unnecessary e-mails. In addition, the administration costs would be higher for us to do this, and this would lead to higher prices at the end of the day. It is obvious to us that we should send the goods out immediately, because we want you to be happy and recommend us!

What is included in the carriage costs – what is the packaging like?The carriage costs cover carriage and high-quality packaging. This is important, so that you receive the film undamaged.

Apart from the carriage, will there be any other costs?No, apart from a small fee when paying using Pay Pal.

For some countries, like Spain, the carriage costs aren’t given until later. Why is this?
For some countries, we have to clarify individually what the cheapest carriage will be, and that depends on the length of the package, for example.


2. Questions on the products

What is the difference between a film for interior use and one for exterior use?The difference is that films for exterior use provide the best possible sun and heat protection because the sun is reflected directly without the pane of glass being in between. For this reason, films for exterior use are also more expensive and do not last as long as interior films due to outside conditions. In some cases, it is not possible to apply interior film, because it may very rarely cause fractures in the glass.

Please also read Important Information on Sun Protection Films

What is the difference between a light silver, a medium silver and a dark silver sun protection film?The lighter the colour, the greater the light penetration, but less heat will be absorbed.

In brief: Light coloured film – more light, less heat absorption and sun protection, less mirror effectDark film – less light, more heat absorption and sun protection, more mirror effect

Mirror effect of sun protection film / mirror film
The mirror effect / visual protection always occurs from where the light originates. So during the day, no-one can look through the windows. When it’s dark outside and the lights are on indoors, it’s vice versa.