Fitting instructions for sun protection film and other window films

You will need:

Spray bottle (a pump-action mister is best), adhesive tape, squeegee, knife, paper towels, glass scraper

Two people are required for fitting!

  1. Clean the window pane thoroughly using a standard commercial glass cleaner or SUNOX special cleaner. Remove any particles that adhere to the glass (e.g. paint) using a glass scraper. The window pane must be completely clean!
  2. Cut the film to the rough size required. Take care not to kink the film!
  3. Fill the spray bottle with water and SUNOX application concentrate or neutral detergent, e.g. Frosch (dilute 30 ml concentrate or neutral detergent with 500 ml water).
  4. Remove the backing by sticking adhesive strips on the front and rear of the film and pulling apart. Hold the film firmly, letting the 2nd person pull the backing off.
  5. First spray the film and then the window pane with the liquid.
  6. Place the film in the centre of the pane; the film should slide easily back and forth. If not, spray the window pane again.
  7. Spray the reverse of the film too, to ease the work with the squeegee.
  8. Using the cutter knife and squeegee, remove the excess edging of the film, making sure you change the knife blade frequently to prevent tearing the film.
  9. Now squeeze out the water evenly from the centre of the film to the left and the right. Make sure that no residual water is left under the film!
  10. Clean the edges and the film carefully using a soft cloth.
  11. If necessary, press the edges down again using the squeegee.
  12. Leave the film to dry now for 3 days without touching it.
  13. Wait a few weeks before cleaning the film for the first time, and never use hard objects (brushes or blades) for cleaning the film!


Important! Never fit only part of a window with sun protection film because the glass may break! It is needed that always the complete window is fitted with the film.

Roof windows and windows filled with gas are only allowed to be fitted with sun protection films for exterior use, otherwise glass may break.

If you are fitting exterior film, make sure that the temperature does not fall below 5°.