Carriage service

SUNOX guarantees fast and safe dispatch at the soonest possible date.

Should an item not be in stock, we will contact you immediately.


We send goods all over the world!


No matter how many products you are ordering, you only pay the carriage costs once. You can also order goods of a low value. There are no minimum quantity supplements with us!



Here you can see a list of the relevant carriage costs. If your country is not listed here, please ask us before ordering. Carriage costs exclude any duty due (e.g. to Switzerland).



Carriage / Shipping:

Country Price
Germany: 6,90 EUR
Germany Island: 19,90 EUR
Austria: 9,90 EUR
Netherlands: 8,90 EUR
Belgium: 8,90 EUR
Luxembourg: 8,90 EUR
Switzerland, Liechtenstein: 24,90 EUR
Denmark: 13,90 EUR
France: 13,90 EUR
Great Britian: 19,90 EUR
Italy: 15,90 EUR
Poland: 21,90 EUR
Portugal: 21,90 EUR
Spain: 19,90 EUR
Spain Island: 39,90 EUR
Greece: 19,90 EUR
Sweden: 28,90 EUR
Finland: 19,90 EUR
Norway: 29,90 EUR
Slovenia: 22,90 EUR
Slowakia: 28,90 EUR
Hungary: 29,90 EUR

Charges for payment

cash advance 0 EUR
payment by Pay Pal: 3,50 EUR
payment by Credit card (Visa + Mastercard): 3,80 EUR